Mastering DimAI Mobile Tips

5 min readMay 11, 2024


DimAI mobile now supports Web3 multi-chain wallet connections, offering you a seamless experience connecting AI with the blockchain world.

If you don’t have a wallet yet or haven’t tried DimAI, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with a simple, step-by-step guide for using MetaMask wallet with DimAI on Android systems.

MetaMask Installation Guide

  • Visit the MetaMask wallet official website using the Google Chrome browser. Whether you’re on iOS (Apple) or Android, you can easily download it.
  • Select “Android” and click “Install MetaMask for Android” to start the download and installation process.
  • After installation, open the app to access the MetaMask wallet interface.
  • Please note that we won’t provide images of the process due to asset security protection.


If it’s your first time using a Web3 multi-chain wallet, choose “Create a New Wallet” and save the backup words displayed in English.

If you’re familiar with other Web3 multi-chain wallets, select “Import Existing Wallet” to get started immediately.

Adding Qitmeer Network to MetaMask Wallet

To add the Qitmeer-related network to your MetaMask wallet, follow these steps:

  • Click the button at the top of the wallet and select “Add Network” — “Custom RPC”.
  • Fill in the relevant RPC details for the Qitmeer Network: Network Name as “QNG”, RPC Url as “", Chain ID as “813”, and Token Symbol as “MEER”.
  • Click “Add” and then “Confirm”.
  • Once successfully added, select “Switch to network,” and you’re all set.

Importing DIM Tokens

To import DIM tokens into MetaMask:

  • Open MetaMask and select your wallet account.
  • If you don’t see DIM tokens, use the “Import tokens” feature.
  • Click “Import tokens” and enter the DIM contract address: 0xa03650818cc5162f823e72d6902a9176d8a707b0
  • After entering the contract address, click “Next” and confirm.
  • Once completed, you’ll see the imported DIM tokens in your wallet.

Accessing DimAI

  • Open your MetaMask wallet and go to the DApp browser.
  • Enter the URL and press Enter to access the DimAI website.

Connect Wallet

To connect your wallet to the DimAI platform, follow these steps:

  • Locate and click the “Connect” button on the DimAI website.
  • Click “WalletConnect” and select your preferred wallet icon (e.g., “MetaMask”).
  • Proceed with signature authorization and confirmation by clicking “Connect” in the popup window.
  • After completing signature authorization and confirmation, your wallet will be successfully linked to the DimAI platform.

Acquiring DIM

To acquire DIM tokens on the DimAI platform, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Recharge” button on the DimAI website.
  • Choose the package that suits your needs, which includes different quantities of MEER tokens. The larger the quantity, the greater the package discount.
  • If you need to purchase a custom quantity of DIM tokens, enter the quantity and click the “Purchase” button.
  • Follow the instructions and wait momentarily in the popup window to complete your DIM token purchase.

AI Painting

  • Choose “AI Painting” in the AI tools section on the DimAI website to access the drawing board.
  • Explore limitless themes scenes. You can also select the size and input your ideas in the prompt box.
  • Click on “Checkout” and “Confirm” to complete the process and obtain your artwork.

AI Image to Image

  • Select “AI Image to Image” in the AI tools section on the DimAI website to access the drawing board.
  • Provide original materials by uploading images and input your ideas in the prompt box.
  • Click “Checkout” and “Confirm”. Upon completion, you will receive unique artworks.

Fetching Creations

  • Click the “My Creations” button in your personal space on the DimAI website.
  • Upon selecting the artwork, you will have access to additional options.
  • Personal artworks will be retained for 7 days. You can save them locally or mint them into NFTs for permanent preservation.

Mint NFT

  • Click the “Mint NFT” button in the NFT selection on the DimAI website.
  • After selecting the artwork you want to mint, click “Selected”.
  • Click the “Confirm Selection” button and provide the necessary information for your NFT artwork.
  • Then click “Mint Your NFT” and complete the authorization confirmation process.
  • Upon successful minting, you will own a valuable NFT.


  • Easily manage your NFT collection by clicking “My NFTs” in the NFT selection on the DimAI website.
  • In the “DimAI Collection”, you’ll find all minted NFT artworks.
  • Select any NFT to access detailed information about the artwork.

Create Collection

Creating a collection is a convenient step in managing your NFT collection:

  • Click “My NFTs” on the DimAI website and select the “Create Collection” button.
  • Start designing your new collection and provide the necessary information.
  • Finally, click “Create” and complete the authorization confirmation to obtain your new collection.

More Inspiration Showcase

  • In the community navigation bar on the DimAI website.
  • Click on “NFT Display” or select “Creative Space” where fantastic artworks from platform artists await your discovery.