AI Agents Injects New Life Into AI Painting

2 min readJun 7, 2024


Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our lives and work, with applications ranging from voice assistants to self-driving cars. In the art world, AI painting is emerging as a popular topic, enabling the creation of realistic images from simple text descriptions.

However, the potential of AI painting is expanding significantly with the introduction of AI Agents, revolutionizing artistic creation.

Current State of AI Painting

Current AI painting tools like DomAI rely on large models to generate images from text descriptions.

This process simplifies art creation but has limitations, such as a lack of individuality and flexibility. AI-generated images often lack the soul and uniqueness of human-created art, and existing tools typically follow fixed processes.

The Role of AI Agents

AI Agents are intelligent entities with autonomy, reactivity, proactivity, and social capabilities. Unlike traditional AI models, AI Agents learn and adapt to optimize their behavior. In painting, AI Agents can refine and modify their work through multiple iterations, much like human artists.

A Stanford study titled “Generative Agents: Interactive Simulacra of Human Behavior” explores AI Agents with memory, reactivity, and planning abilities.

These agents can not only generate images but also reflect and improve upon them. For example, when asked to create a painting on “blockchain”, an AI Agent would draft, research, analyze, and iteratively refine the artwork until it meets satisfaction.

Innovations by AI Agents

DimAI is actively exploring AI Agent’s potential. Unlike traditional tools, AI Agents can autonomously adjust and optimize artwork based on user needs, reducing human intervention. They handle the entire creative process, from generating base images and refining details to final touches, enhancing efficiency and personalization.

This method combines AI’s computational power with human creativity and emotional expression, significantly improving artwork quality and efficiency.

Future Prospects for AI Agents

As AI technology advances, AI Agents will become increasingly sophisticated, approaching and surpassing human artists in some aspects. They will become essential tools and partners for artists, exploring limitless artistic possibilities together.

DimAI aims to integrate AI Agents for intelligent and humanized AI painting. This new interaction allows users to input text descriptions and deeply collaborate with AI Agents, benefiting both beginners and professional artists with an unprecedented creative experience.


AI Agents bring new vitality to AI painting, opening new horizons for artistic creation. By enhancing quality, increasing efficiency, expanding creative fields, and transforming the art market, AI Agents are ushering AI painting into a new era.

In the near future, AI Agents and human artists will collaborate to create even more vibrant and diverse works of art.